Peter Parker x Reader Who Hurt You? Summary: Peter Parker admired you from afar but was always too afraid to ask you out. One day your boyfriend leaves you in tears and you quickly realize the quiet. 06/10/2017 · Mr. Lonely- Peter Parker x Reader. Exiting your last class of the day as the bell rings, you weave your way through the crowded halls. You block out everyone's voices with the music that was blaring through your earbuds. It was finally Friday, and you just wanted to get home. The Spider Tattoo Peter Parker x Reader Soulmate AU. Peter Parker x Fem!Reader Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you:3 Summary: You hate the idea of soulmate tattoo’s, probably because there’s a giant fricking spider on your hip that moves, as most soulmate tattoos do.But see, most soulmate tattoos aren’t huge fucking spiders, so you have the right to be freaked out. pairing: peter parker x reader warnings: angst in the beginning but it is fluff!!! word count: 3.4k, it’s a little long but i love love. plot: Everyone deserves flowers once in their lives. A/N: i.

Jealousy Peter Parker x Reader Request: Uhh an angsty jealous!Peter Parker x reader. Maybe reader is friends with Flash or hangs out with his group of friends and Peter suspects something?? TW: Light swearing, probably ooc. Masterlist. Peter still couldn’t believe you agreed to go out with him. Popular Peter Parker x Reader Peter Parker x Fem!Reader Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you:3 Summary: Peter wants to abandon your friendship? Cool. Brags about getting laid every other. 15/02/2014 · I'm Spiderman Peter Parker x Reader "Y/n! Hurry up!" Peter yelled up the stairs. "I'm not coming down! You go on with out me!" You yelled back. He sighed, walking up the stairs while fixing his shirt. "Come on Y/n. Its prom night." Opening the door slightly, you looked at him. You had tear stained cheeks, swolen eyes, and slightly flushed. Avengers x Reader Oneshots Peter Parker. Call Me Mrs Rogers. A/N: No smut, only implications Honestly, the reason you didn't hear is because you were texting you dad, Steve Rogers, under the table. Now, you look up at the teacher, a guilty smile on your face. You’re Spiderman? Peter Parker x Reader Peter Parker x Reader Prompt: Spiderman saved me once, talks to my friend Peter about my crush on Spiderman, discovers Peter is Spiderman, is.

10/08/2001 · Domesticity [headcanons] bc the avengers doing familial things makes my heart swoon. Pairings: avengers x reader, peter parker x reader. A/N: this was so much fun to write! if you guys want more headcanons, just drop them off in the ask box: being one of the newest recruits to the avengers that falls under the “young” side has its perks. Peter Parker x reader. Karai. You had been friends with Peter for years, although not as close as him and Ned were, especially since you went to a different school. The last few months you had become closer with Peter and spend more time with him.

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