While the business runs above, down below you can practice hacking keypads or cracking vault doors, store equipment and getaway vehicles, and owners of existing businesses can add a Master Control Terminal to handle all current operations. Stay tuned for more details when The Diamond Casino Heist launches on December 12th. Diamond Casino Heist Preparations are freemode missions that are needed to progress the planning stage of The Diamond Casino Heist. They can be viewed and started from the basement of Arcades. There are two types of preparation missions – required and optional. The former must be completed in. The complete tracklist for iFruit Radio, a new "Grand Theft Auto V" radio station, will be available in "GTA Online" and single-player with the upcoming DLC, "The Diamond Casino Heist.".

The Duggans have taken over management of the Diamond Casino & Resort, with all the money that GTA Online players are spending on penthouses and gambling fattening their wallets. Not to worry though, the latest DLC - The Diamond Casino Heist - is here to set things straight.

30/12/2019 · You start the casino scope mission, get the code, find the wifi in the casino, find the vault contents, then in the casino still cancel the heist with Lester, then phone him for anything OTR, then go back to the prep board and it's magically gold every time.</plaintext> Casino Heist The GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist execution starts now! You drive to the casino along with the participants of the heist as you chose and walk. Run towards the vault door. Commit the most sophisticated and audacious robbery the city of Los Santos has ever seen at The Diamond Casino Heist – now available at GTA Online. Perhaps Diamond Casino & Resort is under the dubious leadership of the Duggans, the ruthless Texas petrochemical tycoons who stole control from Dao Chen and the Triads, but the [].</p> <p>When you enter the vault look real quick to see what is behind 1 single hack, usually 1 cart by itself. Do that one last on your way out, hack the door that opens 2 carts, while one person handles the center, then the other door and lastly the one by itself. Thats how we do it, on hard we come out with 1.45 mil everytime with this weeks bonus. 14/12/2019 · I bought the vault door thing for practice or whatever its purpose is meant to be. However, when I walk up to it, I'm told I need either a vault drill I think? or laser to use it. Where am I supposed to get either of these things? I've done all prep missions, including optional ones, and haven't seen anything about this. Thanks in advance! GTA 5 update time latest as Rockstar reveal early Casino Heist patch news A BIG GTA 5 update is landing today and Rockstar Games has provided early patch news that will help some gamers dive. Gta V inside the vault door in the casino heist. Got stuck and had to quit. 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